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Kim contacted me a while ago interested in engagement pictures in Virginia because they will be married WI! Kim and Ben are both from WI and moved to Staunton, Virginia for work. Ben of coursed followed Kim to Virginia where they were engaged. Kim found me through word of mouth and loved that I was an art teacher because Kim and Ben shared an art class together in high school.


Kim and Ben wanted pictures in this beautiful fall area so we discussed many options and decided on Carter Mountain Orchard in Charlottesville, VA! I LOVE Carter Mountain so I was very excited! For the past three years I have used this spot for families and engagements and every time it never disappoints! Please enjoy a beautiful session in the apple fields with Kim and Ben!
2014-10-25_00162014-10-25_00172014-10-25_0018LOVE Kims laugh in this! 2014-10-25_00192014-10-25_0020From serious to contagious laughter! 2014-10-25_00212014-10-25_00222014-10-25_0023All time favorite here! 2014-10-25_00242014-10-25_00252014-10-25_00362014-10-25_00332014-10-25_00372014-10-25_0035

2014-10-25_00262014-10-25_00272014-10-25_00282014-10-25_0029Kim, you are gorgeous! I love this one too!2014-10-25_0031Perfect outfits for an apple orchard!2014-10-25_00302014-10-25_00322014-10-25_00342014-10-25_00382014-10-25_00402014-10-25_00392014-10-25_0041LOVE this little league tshirt of Ben’s that Kim can wear! 2014-10-25_00422014-10-25_0043

Because we ALL need a support system! Robin and I have known each other for years! We grew up in the same town, went to the same high school and continued to stay in the town we grew up in and start the same small business. We were in different classes growing up so we knew each other in the halls but never really great friends…now, I love calling her my friend! Robin is a FABULOUS photographer, go look here! With all businesses there are competitors and jealousy of others but I am so happy to have a photography family who supports each other. Yes, I envy images of great photographers but that just pushes me to become better. Robin and I call each other all the time and I love the relationship we have created because of a passion with both love. When we open our arms to other small businesses we only help them grow and that is what I love about Robin. Robin supports me, compliments me, helps me, encourages me and gives me amazing advice. Thank YOU Robin, for being such an amazing friend!


I had just purchased the Cannon 5D Mark III and I was SO excited! Robin and I have been talking about this purchase for a while and I finally realized it was time! This session was for me to practice while she walked me through the differences from our 7D to a 5D. Robin became the perfect subject while I played with my new camera and I LOVE the shots we got of her and her camera. Robin is such a beautiful person inside and out so this session was so fun! Enjoy a little peek of my great photography friend and make sure you go like her Facebook page too! 2014-10-26_00022014-10-26_00032014-10-26_00042014-10-26_0005LOVE this one!2014-10-26_0006So gorgeous Robin!2014-10-26_0007

This sweet family and I met at Showalters Apple Orchard for their 15th annual apple event! I went up with friends to hang out, eat amazing food, listen to awesome music, frolic through fields of apples and cram on a wagon ride through the orchard. After we both enjoyed the event we decided to take some great family pictures in the apples! Well…this little girl I think ate every apple she picked off the ground, lol! It was the cutest thing! She could not get enough of them! Enjoy a beautiful family session in the gorgeous fields of apples! kkp2014-10-24_00102014-10-24_0011Those blue eyes!!2014-10-24_00122014-10-24_0013Every, single apple…2014-10-24_00142014-10-24_00152014-10-24_0016She couldn’t resist while on Daddy’s shoulders! 2014-10-24_0017…and ate one right off the tree! haha!
2014-10-24_00182014-10-24_00192014-10-24_00202014-10-24_00212014-10-24_00222014-10-24_00232014-10-24_00242014-10-24_00252014-10-24_00262014-10-24_00272014-10-24_00282014-10-24_00292014-10-24_00302014-10-24_00312014-10-24_00322014-10-24_00332014-10-24_00342014-10-24_00352014-10-24_00362014-10-24_00372014-10-24_00382014-10-24_00392014-10-24_0041Gorgeous family!!2014-10-24_0042Left one is my favorite! 2014-10-24_00432014-10-24_0044

I bet this family looks familiar! I have been photographing this family a lot this year and I LOVE every second of it! Sweet Kiley is growing and growing every time I see her! Of course we pick the COLDEST day of the month in October! Poor Kiley have to be cuddled every few minutes so we had to make this session fast. Enjoy this adorable little family who I absolutely adore!2014-10-24_0087Heather you are so gorgeous! 2014-10-24_0088LOVE this one!2014-10-24_0089Grandparents are the best! 2014-10-24_0090Greg is ALWAYS loving all over Kiley! I always capture these sweet moments with her!2014-10-24_00912014-10-24_00922014-10-24_00932014-10-24_00942014-10-24_00952014-10-24_00962014-10-24_0097Gahhhh FAVORITE!2014-10-24_00982014-10-24_01002014-10-24_01012014-10-24_0102

This beautiful couple is welcoming their first child soon! I was so excited when Sarah first contacted me because we grew up in the same town…yes, here in Harrisonburg! We are both HHS grads and JMU grads so we LOVE having that in common! Sarah was older than me in school but we still followed each other on social media, so I was so excited when she asked me to do their maternity session. The best part about this session is that Sarah and Wes were engaged in the Arboretum 9 years prior, so it was fitting that we would welcome their maternity session in the same special place! 2014-10-24_00622014-10-24_00632014-10-24_00652014-10-24_00662014-10-24_0067You are so gorgeous Sarah!2014-10-24_00682014-10-24_00692014-10-24_0070Favorite!2014-10-24_00712014-10-24_00722014-10-24_00732014-10-24_00742014-10-24_00752014-10-24_0076Baby bumps are my favorite!2014-10-24_00772014-10-24_00782014-10-24_00792014-10-24_0080JMU 🙂2014-10-24_00812014-10-24_00822014-10-24_0083LOVE these!2014-10-24_00842014-10-24_00852014-10-24_0086