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My brother welcomed his new baby boy over a month ago. I have been counting down the days until my trip to Austin to meet that sweet boy! It finally came, and now I am at the end of trip. It is going to be pretty hard to leave that sweet face but I know I’ll be back soon. Here is a little personal post of my sweet family with our new addition.

So my brother lives near a wooded area in Austin so we took a little adventure into the trees to find the perfect spot. I have to admit, I kept forgetting I was in Texas and that this is not the best place to be exploring! As we are walking Jeremy is telling me about the coyotes he heard the night before and that he believes a homeless man use to live back here! HA! We kept walking through the trees and of course I find the ONLY tree with red leaves and decide that THIS is the spot! Everyone in my family was not too pleased that I made them walk through the trees of Texas but I am SO happy that we did! Here is a little personal post with me actually in some images! Thanks to my brother for being a photography geek with me and having a clicker for my camera…if you look close you can see it in his hand! Hehehe 🙂Grey_11_14-129Grey_11_14-133Grey_11_14-134Favorite!!Grey_11_14-139Grey_11_14-140Grey_11_14-145Grey_11_14-149Grey_11_14-153Grey_11_14-155Grey_11_14-159Grey_11_14-162Grey_11_14-166Grey_11_14-169Grey_11_14-174Love this!Grey_11_14-180Grey_11_14-186Grey_11_14-189Grey_11_14-192Grey_11_14-197Grey_11_14-203Grey_11_14-206Grey_11_14-211Sister!Grey_11_14-213Grey_11_14-217Grey_11_14-230Grey_11_14-236Grey_11_14-241Grey_11_14-243Grey_11_14-248Grey_11_14-259Grey_11_14-269

Love you guys!


I traveled to Austin, Texas for the Thanksgiving holidays to spend time with my new nephew. I travel to Austin often to see my brother and sister in law, so over the years I have met their friends. Neil and Sally have the sweetest little family and I was so excited when she asked me to take their family pictures this year! Enjoy my first post from my Austin visit! Albritton_11-14-366Albritton_11-14-411Albritton_11-14-427Eeeek! Those lashes!Albritton_11-14-474Albritton_11-14-451Albritton_11-14-49Albritton_11-14-33Albritton_11-14-53Albritton_11-14-79Albritton_11-14-81Albritton_11-14-105The sweetest!Albritton_11-14-110Albritton_11-14-114Albritton_11-14-118Albritton_11-14-124Albritton_11-14-126Love those little toes!Albritton_11-14-135Albritton_11-14-159Albritton_11-14-196Albritton_11-14-202Albritton_11-14-219Albritton_11-14-238Albritton_11-14-309Albritton_11-14-293Albritton_11-14-300Albritton_11-14-266Albritton_11-14-261Albritton_11-14-247Haha I love this! Albritton_11-14-319How gorgeous is this!Albritton_11-14-327Albritton_11-14-325Albritton_11-14-333

This gorgeous senior is graduating from JMU in December! This session was SO fun! Leigh has so many great ideas and props! She was the sweetest thing and was willing to brave the cold for these shots. Congratulations Leigh! 2014-11-21_0092Favorite!2014-11-21_0091Textbooks are such a great prop! They tend to rule us for a few years!2014-11-21_00862014-11-21_0087So gorgeous Leigh!2014-11-21_0088Clearly, my favorite!2014-11-21_0093These shoes are awesome! Goes with her major too!2014-11-21_00942014-11-21_00892014-11-21_0090cheap drivers ed may also be used by drivers to earn a discount on Alabama auto insurance. wp-image-2303″ src=”×600.jpg” alt=”2014-11-21_0095″ width=”403″ height=”600″ />College friends, are the best friends! So stunning!2014-11-21_00962014-11-21_00812014-11-21_00822014-11-21_00832014-11-21_0084Gotta love these!!2014-11-21_0085Eeek! Another favorite!2014-11-21_00802014-11-21_00792014-11-21_00742014-11-21_00752014-11-21_00762014-11-21_0077Yayyy!!! Always a great feeling!2014-11-21_00782014-11-21_00972014-11-21_00982014-11-21_00992014-11-21_01012014-11-21_01002014-11-21_0102

This amazing couple were married on Novemeber 8th at Sunny Slope Farm in Virginia! It was a chilly November day but it was absolutely beautiful. When I met with Whitney and Josh for their engagement session I knew this was going to be an amazing wedding day. The love they have for each other is just breath taking and is so evident in every thing they do. I was so honored to be a part of their day! Congratulations again!2014-11-20_0021SUCH an amazing ring!2014-11-21_00352014-11-21_0034Love that the “I adore you” sign is showing! This is part of the location and was a perfect backdrop!2014-11-21_00332014-11-20_00332014-11-20_00322014-11-20_00312014-11-21_00372014-11-20_00012014-11-20_0002The right one… I LOVE the light. 2014-11-20_00032014-11-20_0004Beautiful moment with Momma!2014-11-21_00432014-11-21_0042I mean really?! This headpiece is to die for! 2014-11-20_00052014-11-20_0006Love seeing Whitney in the mirror here!2014-11-20_00072014-11-21_0040Love these!2014-11-21_0039Because Whitney is so close with these groomsmen, she wanted to do a first look with them! What a great idea! She calls them her brothers and the hooted and hollered when she came through the barn doors telling her she was stunning and beautiful! 2014-11-20_0008Look at those smiles! 2014-11-20_00092014-11-20_00102014-11-20_00112014-11-20_0012This embrace is beautiful and not at all posed by me. I keep quite for the first few minutes….their moment, their time together. 2014-11-20_0013Eeeeek! Stunning!2014-11-20_00142014-11-20_00152014-11-20_00162014-11-20_00172014-11-20_00182014-11-20_0020Obsessed with this headpiece! Adds SO much without having your bouquet all the time!2014-11-20_00192014-11-20_00222014-11-20_00232014-11-20_00242014-11-20_00252014-11-20_00272014-11-20_0026Great looking bridal party that kept me laughing the whole time
!2014-11-21_0046So gorgeous, Lindsay!2014-11-21_00442014-11-21_00142014-11-21_00132014-11-21_0012Oh my… that fourth one…2014-11-21_00012014-11-21_00022014-11-21_0003Gorgeous!2014-11-21_00042014-11-21_00072014-11-21_00052014-11-21_00082014-11-21_00062014-11-21_00102014-11-21_00092014-11-21_0011Hahahahaaha… Can’t help but laugh at this one! Couldn’t pick him up….2014-11-21_0047Oh my… these daddy daughter moments pull at my heart!2014-11-21_00152014-11-21_00162014-11-21_00172014-11-21_0018Married!2014-11-21_00192014-11-20_0029These… love that evening sky!2014-11-20_0028Favorite!2014-11-20_0030I love that Josh was dancing in the right one but it looks like he is showing off his new metal!2014-11-21_0022First dance!2014-11-21_0021Gorgeous cake!2014-11-21_00312014-11-21_00362014-11-21_00242014-11-21_00232014-11-21_0025Love you guys! Thank you SO much for asking me to be a part of your amazing day! 2014-11-21_0038

Venue: On Sunny Slope Farm

Winter mini time is one of my favorite times! Of course it is always a little chilly and this year we had some rain…but the families were great! Every year I bring snow to blow and this year I added in some confetti to my veteran clients who have blown snow with me before! I love these images and I am so excited to see them on your cards this year! Thank you to Evergreen Christmas Tree Farm in Keezletown for always welcoming us on their beautiful property! They have some amazing trees if you are looking for a christmas tree soon! 2014-11-19_00142014-11-18_00012014-11-18_00022014-11-18_00032014-11-18_00042014-11-18_0005Snow!2014-11-18_00062014-11-18_00072014-11-18_00082014-11-18_0009Lost his two front teeth in one week! So cute!2014-11-18_00102014-11-18_00112014-11-18_00122014-11-18_00132014-11-18_0014Gorgeous girls!2014-11-18_00152014-11-18_00162014-11-18_00172014-11-18_00182014-11-18_00192014-11-18_00202014-11-18_0021How adorable is this!?!
2014-11-18_00222014-11-18_0023Cousins!2014-11-18_0024So awesome!2014-11-18_00252014-11-18_00262014-11-18_00272014-11-18_00282014-11-18_00292014-11-18_00302014-11-18_00312014-11-18_0032Love this little family!2014-11-18_00332014-11-18_00342014-11-18_00352014-11-18_00372014-11-18_00382014-11-18_00362014-11-18_0039Clearly, this isn’t their first time with this task! Nailed it!2014-11-18_0040Favorite!!!2014-11-18_00412014-11-18_0042The left! SO cute!2014-11-18_00432014-11-18_0044How cute!!2014-11-18_00462014-11-18_00452014-11-18_00482014-11-18_0047LOVE this!2014-11-18_00492014-11-18_00512014-11-18_00522014-11-18_0053🙂
2014-11-18_00542014-11-18_0055Favorite!2014-11-18_0056I love these!!!2014-11-18_00572014-11-18_0058LOVE when this family uses all the signs! It’s becoming an awesome tradition!2014-11-18_00592014-11-18_0060Look at these awesome smiles!
2014-11-18_0062Picture Perfect!2014-11-18_00632014-11-18_0064THESE smiles!!!!2014-11-18_00652014-11-18_00662014-11-18_00672014-11-18_0068Clearly, these kiddos DONT take a bad photo! They nailed it!2014-11-18_00692014-11-18_00702014-11-18_0071Gorgeous!2014-11-18_00722014-11-18_00732014-11-18_00742014-11-18_00752014-11-18_00762014-11-18_0050Happy holidays to all!