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This sweet couple met in elementary school! Needless to say, we had to go back to the elementary school that they first met! It was so adorable as they shared stories of the things they remembered and the class picture they took on the front steps (Krystal being a tom boy with her chopped off hair cut and Justin crossing his legs like he had to pee! hehe). I couldn’t help but smile while listening to this sweet couple talk about the times they had as kids. Krystal and Justin parted ways when Justin went to a different school in the following school years. Needless to say, they were reunited later in life and are now getting married next september! I cannot wait to celebrate their wedding…but until then, enjoy an adorable engagement session. 2014-12-14_00032014-12-14_00042014-12-14_00052014-12-14_00062014-12-14_00072014-12-14_00082014-12-14_00092014-12-14_0010I love these with the school in the background!
2014-12-14_00112014-12-14_00122014-12-14_0013Absolutely beautiful Krystal!2014-12-14_0014The steps where they took their class picture every year! So cuteee!2014-12-14_00152014-12-14_00162014-12-14_00172014-12-14_00182014-12-14_00192014-12-14_0020Found this perfect spot on the side of the school! 2014-12-14_0028After a little school session we headed off to Krystal’s family farm!
2014-12-14_0021Eeeeek! I LOVE these!2014-12-14_00222014-12-14_00232014-12-14_00242014-12-14_00252014-12-14_00262014-12-14_0027
2014-12-14_00302014-12-14_0031Handmade quilts are such a beautiful prop! I love the colors here!2014-12-14_00322014-12-14_0033Shew, this is stunning Krystal!2014-12-14_00342014-12-14_00352014-12-14_00362014-12-14_00372014-12-14_00382014-12-14_00392014-12-14_00402014-12-14_00412014-12-14_00422014-12-14_0043Favorite!2014-12-14_00442014-12-14_00452014-12-14_0046We were trekking through the mud for these and it was SO worth it! 2014-12-14_0047Gorgeous!2014-12-14_00482014-12-14_00492014-12-14_00502014-12-14_00512014-12-14_00522014-12-14_00532014-12-14_00542014-12-14_00552014-12-14_0056Stunning!2014-12-14_00572014-12-14_00582014-12-14_00592014-12-14_00612014-12-14_00622014-12-14_00632014-12-14_00642014-12-14_0065

New life sure is a beautiful thing isn’t it? Greyson was a month old when we came to visit, so typical newborn pictures were’t really in the cards for us. I left my camera in the living room at all times and was able to capture some amazing, real moments. Enjoy my beautiful family and the new little life we love so much, Greyson. 2014-12-09_00142014-12-09_00132014-12-09_0015Beautiful!
2014-12-09_00162014-12-09_0018I actually love this picture… It might be because it is reality or it might be the multiple emotions being expressed. 2014-12-09_00172014-12-09_0019I left my camera in the living room for this reason. Non posed but a perfect moment in time. This is what life is all about. 2014-12-09_0020This image is my favorite! 2014-12-09_00212014-12-09_0022This is when a photographer doesn’t care about the “stuff” in the background… THIS is life with a baby right?! You don’t always have it all together but when you do, it is beautiful. Grey wasn’t loving bath time and this was the first time he stopped screaming and was completely content.2014-12-09_0023Hehe, hey little buddy! 2014-12-09_00242014-12-09_0025Thanksgiving day with this beautiful family!2014-12-09_00012014-12-09_00022014-12-09_0003Hanging with Auntie! Gobble till you wobble!2014-12-09_0004Nap time2014-12-09_00052014-12-09_0006Mmmm love this! Melts my little heart. 2014-12-09_00072014-12-09_0008I love this one too! Look at that sweet smirk! 2014-12-09_00092014-12-09_00102014-12-09_0011Those blue eyes! I love you little man. I cannot wait to see you grow!2014-12-09_0012