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This sweet little girl entered the world to join this sweet family of three. Pyper was the cutest most well behaved baby i’ve had! She loved every minute of the soft fur, cuddles from her sister and the loving hands of her parents. So happy for this adorable family! What an amazing name too!!3J0A45042015-04-19_0076LOVE this. 2015-04-19_00752015-04-19_00742015-04-19_00732015-04-19_00662015-04-19_00652015-04-19_00642015-04-19_00632015-04-19_00622015-04-19_00612015-04-19_0060How gorgeous Ashley!2015-04-19_00592015-04-19_00232015-04-19_0058The sweetest moment of them all!2015-04-19_00572015-04-19_00562015-04-19_00512015-04-19_00502015-04-19_00492015-04-19_00482015-04-19_00472015-04-19_00462015-04-19_00452015-04-19_00442015-04-19_00432015-04-19_00422015-04-19_0041Favorite!2015-04-19_00392015-04-19_00402015-04-19_00322015-04-19_0039Eeek! I scream for adorable bows! Her sweet Auntie made all of these! Such talent Jennifer!2015-04-19_00302015-04-19_00292015-04-19_00282015-04-19_0027There is just something about a quilted blanket for me! So much color and pop! Love all of these.2015-04-19_00262015-04-19_00252015-04-19_00242015-04-19_0022🙂

I’ll start this blog post by saying that Maria is one of the sweetest most caring individual I have EVER met! Her heart is SO big that it only takes someone a matter of seconds to see how beautiful she is inside and out. Maria, or should I say “Coach!” and I go back a few years (we won’t go there!). She was my high school cheerleading coach and boy was she a fantastic coach. Ask any of us cheerleaders and every single one of us would say that she was the most loving, supportive and positive coach to ever have. Needless to say when Maria contacted me for pictures it came with the longest and sweetest email that I started crying. I am telling you people, she is one of a kind! I couldn’t wait to see her, meet her new hubby and take images for the blessing of a new baby girl!

The entire week before our photography session we were looking at this rather LARGE storm headed our way. This was the second time we tried to take pictures so we just said, lets do it anyways…and I am SO glad we did. These images are FILLED with snow…the kind of snow photographers pay money for through filters. I hope these images bring a smile to your face because they sure warm my heart, enjoy! 🙂

2015-02-21_00122015-02-21_00132015-02-21_0014Ridiculous amount of snowfall! So breathtaking!2015-02-21_00152015-02-21_00162015-02-21_0017These buddies hated the click of my camera and got REALLY close to me! Haha 🙂2015-04-05_00012015-04-05_00022015-04-05_00032015-04-05_00042015-04-05_00052015-04-05_00062015-04-05_00072015-04-05_00082015-04-05_00092015-04-05_00102015-04-05_0011Simply gorgeous Maria!2015-04-05_00122015-04-05_00132015-04-05_00142015-04-05_00152015-04-05_00162015-04-05_00172015-04-05_00182015-04-05_0019My favorite!!2015-04-05_0021If this isn’t bliss, I don’t know what is!2015-04-05_00222015-04-05_00232015-04-05_0024Haha, had to capture this warm up moment! 2015-04-05_00252015-04-05_00262015-04-05_00272015-04-05_00282015-04-05_0029Love you guys! I am so excited to see that little bundle of joy!