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This has been quit the wedding season for KKP! I had 15 weddings this season and 12 of them were with Samantha! While a few were my primary weddings where she was my secondary, the majority I was hers. We had an amazing season! Our last wedding was a week ago and on our way home we reminisced on each one… from the shoes, hair, cakes, ice cream trucks, rain and butterflies…we covered it all. We had such a blast with each and every couple and were so honored to shoot your weddings! I hope your images are exactly what you wanted and I wish you ALL the best with married life! xoxo Kayla 🙂


AND if any of you are considering not having a secondary photographer, let this post and all of the other blogs of mine as a secondary question your decision. I promise that two is better than one! 😉 Just saying 2015-10-30_00012015-09-29_00052015-10-03_00132015-10-08_0014unnamedImage by Samanthaimage111722503_999518086758092_5848898733310279473_oImage by Samantha3J0A55533J0A70943J0A80492015-06-25_00052015-06-26_01582015-09-18_0003

Last March I was standing in a blizzard with these two photographing their maternity session. It was a session I’ll never forget because you could barely see the two of them with how much snow was coming down! Today, was a little snow and a beautiful fall day with their adorable and sweet baby girl! Can’t believe it has already been 6 months for this sweetie! 2015-10-23_00012015-10-23_00022015-10-23_00032015-10-23_00042015-10-23_00052015-10-23_00062015-10-23_00072015-10-23_00082015-10-23_00092015-10-23_00102015-10-23_00112015-10-23_00122015-10-23_00132015-10-23_00142015-10-23_00152015-10-23_00162015-10-23_00172015-10-23_00182015-10-23_00192015-10-23_00202015-10-23_00212015-10-23_00222015-10-23_00232015-10-23_0025

Another secondary wedding, this time with Robin! This wedding is definitely the coldest wedding of the year! Located at a beautiful horse farm in Staunton, Virginia you couldn’t beat the views. A perfect fall wedding it was! 2015-10-18_00012015-10-18_00022015-10-18_00032015-10-18_00042015-10-18_00052015-10-18_00062015-10-18_0007

Adorable little family session here. We did a lot of noise making and goofing off to get this little one to show us that breathtaking smile of his! 🙂2015-10-14_00012015-10-14_00022015-10-14_00032015-10-14_00042015-10-14_00052015-10-14_00062015-10-14_00072015-10-14_00082015-10-14_00092015-10-14_00102015-10-14_00112015-10-14_00122015-10-14_00132015-10-14_00142015-10-14_00152015-10-14_00162015-10-14_00172015-10-14_00182015-10-14_00192015-10-14_0020

This sweet little girl had a cake smash for her birthday! Those blue eyes and sweet smiles are to die for! Happiest birthday little one!2015-10-13_00022015-10-13_00032015-10-13_00042015-10-13_00052015-10-13_00062015-10-13_00072015-10-13_00082015-10-13_00092015-10-13_00102015-10-13_00112015-10-13_00122015-10-13_00132015-10-13_00142015-10-13_00152015-10-13_00162015-10-13_00172015-10-13_00182015-10-13_00192015-10-13_00202015-10-13_00212015-10-13_00222015-10-13_00232015-10-13_00242015-10-13_00252015-10-13_00262015-10-13_00272015-10-13_00282015-10-13_00292015-10-13_0030!