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Aubrey and I met my junior year of college at JMU when I become their 4th roommate! Aubrey and I became instant friends and I couldn’t be more grateful for her sweet soul and friendship. I’ve known Andrew just as long because they were already dating when we moved in together. Aubrey and I were roommates for 3 years as we finished out degrees and I even stayed during my first year of teaching. My fondest memories are with those girls and I would give anything to be given one more day back in our apartment together burning pasta, eating pizza, watching movies, making puzzles and laughing about all the secrets we will keep during those year. It’s crazy to think that, that was 4 years ago, a wedding later and now a new house! I couldn’t wait to spend the weekend in their new home, and a beautiful one it is. I am so happy for you all and can’t wait for many more stays in your first home together! Love you both!!2016-01-31_00092016-01-31_00122016-01-31_00112016-01-31_00102016-01-31_00082016-01-31_00072016-01-31_00062016-01-31_00052016-01-31_00042016-01-31_00032016-01-31_00022016-01-31_0001

Samantha and I headed to Asheville, NC for a gorgeous winter wedding! The bride and I actually went to high school together and played volleyball on the same team! It was such an awesome trip, even with the freezing temperatures and snow! Asheville is such a sweet and adorable music city and I can’t wait to go back! Enjoy a little view as a secondary photographer!2016-02-20_00102016-02-20_00012016-02-20_00022016-02-20_00032016-02-20_00042016-02-20_00052016-02-20_00062016-02-20_00082016-02-20_00092016-02-20_0007

Some of you may recognize my sweet friend Erika who is also my business partner with our painting classes! She always said I would photograph her sweet engagement and wedding one day and here I am doing all of those things while also wearing the dress and holding the bouquet. I can’t wait to celebrate your love for one another in November. Enjoy an adorably sweet engagement session with a lot of laughs and a gorgeous sunset. 🙂 2016-02-06_00282016-02-06_00272016-02-06_00262016-02-06_00252016-02-06_00242016-02-06_00232016-02-06_00222016-02-06_00212016-02-06_00202016-02-06_00192016-02-06_00182016-02-06_00172016-02-06_00162016-02-06_00152016-02-06_00142016-02-06_00132016-02-06_00122016-02-06_00112016-02-06_00102016-02-06_00092016-02-06_00082016-02-06_00072016-02-06_00062016-02-06_00052016-02-06_00042016-02-06_00032016-02-06_00022016-02-06_0001

Loved catching up with another childhood friend through my photography business. Its crazy how it feels like just yesterday we were running around together growing up. Becky and I met in elementary school and no matter where life takes us we always catch up like there was no time at all. I loved seeing you and your family during this sweet time of loss and love! <3

This sweet family was celebrating this adorable girls first birthday with a photo session. The lighting and night was just perfect! We had an awesome time walking around the park with this spunky 1 year old! Happy birthday sweet girl