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These two had the most beautiful day for their wedding! The weekend prior to this was cold and raining but the sun was shining and we hit a nice 90 degree day for these two! Located in beautiful Orange, Virginia, Shawn and Jillian were married at Chestnut Hill Bed and Breakfast! This quaint and gorgeous location offered the most spectacular photography opportunities that I was just in heaven all day. I have so enjoyed working with these two over the years and cannot wait to see where their love takes them! Congratulations you two, love you so!

Wedding Vendors


Kayla Koslow Photography

Secondary Photographer:

Robin Skievaski Photography


Jeff Butler


Bakers Kitchen


Je Taime Catering


Pam Andes

Everything but your Groom 60+ blog.posts.behind! AH! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! Its called life. Sometimes getting out previews and albums is so much more important and boy did I really get myself behind! I literally stopped counting when I hit 60… I’d like to apologize but I also know how important it is to make sure I make dinner dates with friends, see family and actually sit on a couch for more than 30 seconds. SO here I am… apologizing and laughing at the fact that I got this far behind! Lucky you, you’ve stumbled on one image from the past….uhhhh 60 some blog posts I never did! Enjoy!

A perfect wedding day for these two at the Barn at Kline’s Mill. With rain on the radar the only thing that caught us off guard was the wind and you wouldn’t even notice how cold it truly was with these two in front of the lens. A gorgeous day for these two, so glad to be a small part of your wonderful day!