Kinkead Wedding

This amazing couple were married on Novemeber 8th at Sunny Slope Farm in Virginia! It was a chilly November day but it was absolutely beautiful. When I met with Whitney and Josh for their engagement session I knew this was going to be an amazing wedding day. The love they have for each other is just breath taking and is so evident in every thing they do. I was so honored to be a part of their day! Congratulations again!2014-11-20_0021SUCH an amazing ring!2014-11-21_00352014-11-21_0034Love that the “I adore you” sign is showing! This is part of the location and was a perfect backdrop!2014-11-21_00332014-11-20_00332014-11-20_00322014-11-20_00312014-11-21_00372014-11-20_00012014-11-20_0002The right one… I LOVE the light. 2014-11-20_00032014-11-20_0004Beautiful moment with Momma!2014-11-21_00432014-11-21_0042I mean really?! This headpiece is to die for! 2014-11-20_00052014-11-20_0006Love seeing Whitney in the mirror here!2014-11-20_00072014-11-21_0040Love these!2014-11-21_0039Because Whitney is so close with these groomsmen, she wanted to do a first look with them! What a great idea! She calls them her brothers and the hooted and hollered when she came through the barn doors telling her she was stunning and beautiful! 2014-11-20_0008Look at those smiles! 2014-11-20_00092014-11-20_00102014-11-20_00112014-11-20_0012This embrace is beautiful and not at all posed by me. I keep quite for the first few minutes….their moment, their time together. 2014-11-20_0013Eeeeek! Stunning!2014-11-20_00142014-11-20_00152014-11-20_00162014-11-20_00172014-11-20_00182014-11-20_0020Obsessed with this headpiece! Adds SO much without having your bouquet all the time!2014-11-20_00192014-11-20_00222014-11-20_00232014-11-20_00242014-11-20_00252014-11-20_00272014-11-20_0026Great looking bridal party that kept me laughing the whole time
!2014-11-21_0046So gorgeous, Lindsay!2014-11-21_00442014-11-21_00142014-11-21_00132014-11-21_0012Oh my… that fourth one…2014-11-21_00012014-11-21_00022014-11-21_0003Gorgeous!2014-11-21_00042014-11-21_00072014-11-21_00052014-11-21_00082014-11-21_00062014-11-21_00102014-11-21_00092014-11-21_0011Hahahahaaha… Can’t help but laugh at this one! Couldn’t pick him up….2014-11-21_0047Oh my… these daddy daughter moments pull at my heart!2014-11-21_00152014-11-21_00162014-11-21_00172014-11-21_0018Married!2014-11-21_00192014-11-20_0029These… love that evening sky!2014-11-20_0028Favorite!2014-11-20_0030I love that Josh was dancing in the right one but it looks like he is showing off his new metal!2014-11-21_0022First dance!2014-11-21_0021Gorgeous cake!2014-11-21_00312014-11-21_00362014-11-21_00242014-11-21_00232014-11-21_0025Love you guys! Thank you SO much for asking me to be a part of your amazing day! 2014-11-21_0038

Venue: On Sunny Slope Farm

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