Ellie {High School Senior}

I’m telling you… you don’t want to miss this blog post…. this girl has YELLOW eyes! So so cool! Ellie was just the sweetest girl! She had a huge and contagious smile the whole time. I told her she was making me smile behind camera so much that my cheeks were hurting. Ellie is a lover of animals and even trains horses on a horse farm. During the session with headed to the horse farm she works at and worked with her sweet horse that she nursed back to health after pregnancy. It was such an adorable session! That purple romper you see in her session was $7 at the thrift store… she just cut the long legs off and made the cutest little outfit! I adore it!3J0A84813J0A83743J0A83893J0A83923J0A83953J0A84073J0A84133J0A84223J0A84253J0A84283J0A84393J0A84433J0A84453J0A84473J0A84653J0A84703J0A84773J0A84783J0A84813J0A84943J0A85063J0A85203J0A85243J0A85273J0A85333J0A85493J0A85503J0A85603J0A85663J0A85683J0A85723J0A85733J0A85763J0A85813J0A85833J0A85863J0A85933J0A86043J0A86163J0A86253J0A86473J0A86613J0A86633J0A86653J0A86713J0A86723J0A86743J0A86803J0A86873J0A87033J0A87083J0A87133J0A87243J0A87363J0A87373J0A87433J0A87473J0A87523J0A87613J0A87793J0A87853J0A87903J0A87943J0A88023J0A88073J0A88153J0A88163J0A88223J0A88273J0A88283J0A8868

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